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Vegan Whipped Collagen Matcha Dalgona

Vegan Collagen Matcha Dalgona
Vegan Collagen Matcha Dalgona! This is an easy vegan alternative to coffee dalgonas and the matcha dalgonas made with egg white. If you've been watching dalgona coffees breaking the internet and want to make your own matcha version, this recipe is for you! It uses the collagen-boosting Copina Co. Matcha Beauty which is completely vegan and helps to boost your collagen levels and support hair, skin, and nail health.
A few things to note about making a matcha dalgona:
* you need some time! This isn't something you whip up in 5 minutes. I'd budget about 20 to make it right!
* if you aren't using coffee in your dalgona, you need something else to help the foam bind and form. Some recipes out there advocate for using egg whites with the matcha, but that requires eating them raw and of course isn't for everyone since they're eggs. If you're looking for an effective vegan option, use aquafaba!
Aquafaba is chickpea water. Ever notice the thick water that comes from a can of chickpeas? That's it! It's the protein and fiber-rich water that is from the can. I promise it won't taste gross! What the aquafaba does is allow for the frothing and foaming to happen.
This recipe is only 5 ingredients and makes 4 servings!

Chickpea liquid: just drain a can of chickpeas into a bowl and use the liquid to make to make the whipped foam.

Coconut sugar

Hot water: to melt the sugar crystals

Almond milk: for the latte part! I love putting it on ice in a pretty glass.
Vegan Collagen  Matcha Dalgona

Vegan Collagen Matcha Dalgona

Yield: 1
Prep time: Cook time: Total time:


  • Liquid from 1 (15oz) can of chickpeas
  • 2 teaspoons Copina Co. Matcha Beauty Plant-Based Collagen Booster
  • 2 tablespoons coconut sugar
  • 2 teaspoons boiling water
  • 4 cups almond milk


How to cook Vegan Collagen Matcha Dalgona

  1. Add the chickpea liquid into a stand mixer (or bowl). Using the whisk attachment, beat the liquid until it forms stiff peaks. It should take about a minute or two.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the matcha, coconut sugar and boiling water to try and dissolve the coconut sugar as much as possible.
  3. Once dissolved, turn the mixer back on medium speed and slowly pour the matcha-sugar mixture into the bowl. Beat together until everything is combined.
  4. Fill your glasses with ice and top each with 1 cup of almond milk. Top with the whipped matcha, give it a quick stir and enjoy!
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Vegan Collagen Matcha Dologna


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