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Support Your Collagen With Plants

Add our Best-Selling Plant-Based & Vegan Collagen-Supporting Blends to Your Shop or Menu

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what makes us special

Collagen is an essential protein that helps support strong hair, skin, nails and joints*. We lose the ability to synthesize it as we age. Our herbalist-approved collagen supports are:


Formulated & Dosed with Herbalists


Plant-Based & Vegan


Third Party Lab Tested




No Sugar


Hair, Skin, and Nail Supporting*

Why Copina Co?

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We partner with over 300 independent and natural retailers across the United States. We offer samples, free trainings, promotional support and more. Ready to add some of nature’s best plant botanicals to your shelves?

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think outside the latte

At Copina Co, we make vegan collagen-supporting blends to benefit your customers' hair, skin, and nails from within. We're sold at some of the top natural and independent retailers in the USA and are on the menu at some of the trendies smoothie shops & cafes out there. Use us in smoothies, treats, breakfasts, coffee, lattes, & more.


the copina co. difference

Our plant-based collagen-supporting lattes and creamers help support your body’s own natural collagen production. We started after Carolyn’s own experiences with acne and gut health issues inspired her to explore the world of holistic and herbal medicine. Here’s what sets us apart:


Effective & Professionally-Dosed Formulas

we worked directly with multiple herbalists to source and dose all of our plant botanical ingredients. Our blends help boost beauty and energy and fight stress


Blends That Address Collagen Loss From All Angle

Our unique vegan & plant-based collagen alternatives contain best-in-class ingredients that have real benefits on your hair, skin, and nail health.* Our formulas both help support your body’s collagen production and address the root causes of collagen degradation*


Proudly Woman-Owned

Copina Co. is a California-based, 100% woman-owned company


Sustainably Packaged

We use recyclable materials in all our shipping components and are also transitioning to PCR (post-consumer recycled) film for our pouches items


No Added Sugar

Get your favorite coffee or latte without the sugar. We have unsweetened blends and blends with 0g sugar that use only monkfruit powder.

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Customer Reviews

Jasmine J

"My skin is unusually and substantially much softer than I’ve ever felt in the BEST way possible. I couldn’t understand how this was happening because I completely forgot the only new product I started consuming was the Original Plant-Based Collagen Powder. And I thought OMG! That’s the connection to my complexion!! 😍😍"

Elizabeth V

"I've been searching for the right vegan beauty supplement for years and love this one. I use it as a creamer in my coffee and lattes and also love how easy it is to add to smoothies and oats. The taste is creamy because of the coconut and not earthy at all. I've been using it for about a month and notice a difference in my skin brightness."

My favorite collagen

" This product has truly helped my nails get stronger and they don’t break nearly as often anymore! I have also noticed my skin looks and feels smoother, and this collagen is the only change I’ve made to my routine! Very happy with this product and I can’t wait to try the other flavors! "

Laura V


has purchased a Kukicha karigane green tea

"I’m on my second order of the coco calm and I really can’t go a day without it. When there are days I don’t have access to it I can really feel the difference in my mood and overall body. It also doesn’t upset my stomach like animal based collagens. So thank you for this amazing product."