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Why Copina Co?


We love this question!

Whether you’re bringing Copina Co. into your shop or selling them as a vegan collagen boost on your menu, Copina Co. blends are sure to be a hit among your customers. 

Copina Co. makes vegan collagen alternatives in super delicious creamer and latte form that help you get your hair, skin, and nail benefits from plants instead of animal products. They use plant botanicals, mushrooms, and adaptogens that help support your body’s natural collagen production from within. We formulated and dosed all of our ingredients with the help of herbalists using best-in-class ingredients that are perfectly dosed for results your customers can see.. We sell our products in single serve stick packs,  25-serving pouches, and 90-serving bulk bags and have an existing track record of success in the US natural market in boutiques, apothecaries, natural food stores, smoothie shops, cafes, & more.

Shelf Life: All Copina Co. Blends have a 15-20 month shelf life and are completely shelf-stable. We offer both 25-serving bags and 10-count single serve stick pack cartons for retail and bulk bags for use as collagen boosts on your menus! Our bulk bags offer 90 servings per bags.
We love seeing our Copina Co. family grow, which means being involved in the implementation of Copina Co in stores. On receipt of your first purchase, we will send you a drive full of amazing product and lifestyle images, training videos for your staff, and pre-designed POS signs for your shop. We also offer a 60-day guarantee on your first order!
Our collagen boosts are as versatile as they are delicious. Enjoy them anywhere you like your beauty boost. Lattes: Froth, blend, or stir with 8oz hot water for a barista-quality latte Hot Coffees & Teas: Add a scoop of our Vanilla, Original, or Cacao to your favorite morning coffee, black tea, or evening hot cocoa. Iced Drinks: Froth with 6oz warm water, pour over ice, and enjoy Smoothies: Boost your morning favorite with any of our collagen boost blends* To get inspiration for how your customers and teams can use Copina Co. blends, check out our recipes or Instagram..

Package Sizes

Our bulk bags carry around 450g or 15.8 oz. Our packaging is made out of 45% Post-Consumer Recycled Films.

Retail bags:

Unit dimensions: 5 x 2 x 8  inches

Weight: 125g

Servings: 25 x 5g servings

Post-consumer recycled film packaging

Stick Packs:

10 ct carton unit dimensions: 2.75 x 2.5 x 5 inches

Single stick pack dimensions: 1 x 0.25 x 5 inches

Weight: 55g carton/ 5g stick pack

Servings: 10 stick packs per carton

Standard film/ Recyclable cartons

Bulk bags:

Unit dimensions: 1-3/8 x 7-1/16 x 3-15/16 inches

Weight: 450g 

Servings: 90 x 5g servings

Standard film packaging

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We offer single serve stick packs of our Matcha, Vanilla, and Cacao Calm blends as samples with an order limit of 5 per flavor per customer. We also offer 25-serving Original pouch samples with an order limit of 1 per customer. Shipping will be applied to sample orders.
We have no MOQs (minimum order quantities) but shipping is free on orders $350+ and you can mix and match all flavors as you like.

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