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Pumpkin & Cacao Frothed Cereal Milk

We’re all looking for little ways to add a little more joy to our daily routine, especially this time of year when the days are shorter and the weather is getting colder. For us that means taking a little extra time to make a delicious and nourishing breakfast, like this Pumpkin & Cacao Frothed Cereal Milk! The idea to froth cereal milk was dreamed up by Kelly Franson, aka @matchaandmoi (find her on Instagram and TikTok!) and seriously will change the way you eat cereal or granola for good! The flavor combinations are endless and (try our Frothed Matcha Cereal Milk) and is a super fun way to get a little bit creative in the kitchen!

Frothed Cacao Cereal Milk

Frothing milk incorporates tiny air bubbles into the milk, which gives it a light and airy texture (think of the foam on a latte). Frothing your milk before adding it to your cereal gives you the opportunity to experiment with new flavors and textures- it’s worth trying if you get bored of eating the same thing or struggle to get excited to eat breakfast.

If your favorite kind of cereal growing up was the kind that turns your milk chocolatey after, then you’ll love this Pumpkin & Cacao Frothed Cereal Milk. It’s a perfectly seasonal spin on a nostalgic childhood breakfast, but elevated with frothed milk and nourishing plant botanicals in our Cacao Calm Plant-Based Collagen Boost Blend. The frothed milk made with Cacao Calm tastes just like the chocolate cereal milk from your childhood- we’re talking the kind left after a bowl of Coco Pops or Cocoa Pebbles. Our version is just a little better for you, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. This is a fun breakfast that you can feel good about!

Our Cacao Calm blend is perfect if you’re looking to chill and satisfy your chocolate cravings all in one. It’s made with organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract, which is an adaptogen that helps our bodies manage and regulate stress, while cacao works to provide a natural mood boost. Plus, our vegan blends help your body naturally produce more collagen and promote healthier hair, skin, and nails using the power of plant botanicals.* That’s definitely a great way to start your day!

Watch this recipe step-by-step on our Tiktok!

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