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Self Love Chat with Taylor Kiser @FoodFaithFit

Self Love Chat with Taylor Kiser
We're excited to share this self love chat with the amazing Taylor Kiser @foodfaithfit! Taylor's work promoting a holistic conception of health and beauty inspire us! She overcame an eating disorder, reframed her relationship with food and her body, and is now using what she's learned to help others! We hope you enjoy this chat!
You can check out Taylor's work on her site and instagram!

What does self love mean to you?
It means learning to give yourself grace to make mistakes and not holding yourself to "perfection." Perfection is unattainable and only leads to feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness.

How did your journey to self love begin?
When I had an eating disorder and realized that the way I was treating my body and speaking to myself was based out of self-hate. I realized that I had to shift my mindset and learn to appreciate and love myself if I wanted to develop a healthy relationship with food and my body and grow in my faith!

You talk a lot about spirituality and its link to physical well-being. How do you think people from all faith backgrounds can benefit from spiritual well-being in their physical selves?
A healthy mind is connected with spirituality no matter what faith background you come from. So I think when you focus on a healthy mindset with yourself, your spiritual well being benefits. And when you start looking after your mind and soul, this is actually when you start to experience the best physical health!

What is something physical or non-physical that you love most about yourself?
I really like that I am quirky and don't things too seriously!
Taylor Kiser Food Faith Fit
How do you practice confidence and self love?
Are there any specific tips you can share for those interested in cultivating their own daily self love practice? Like I said, learning that I am not perfect and having the grace to accept that. I think journaling can be really effective. Especially doing some journaling as to what stories you are carrying around the are preventing you from self-love. Is it a negative comment someone said to you? is it the societal pressures to look a certain way? etc.

What's your favorite way to use Copina Co products?
I love the Original Beauty with the blueberry lavender almond milk from Trader Joe's!


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