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Self-Love Chat with Nanette Nunu

Copina Co. Nanette Nunu Interview
We're excited to introduce you to a new series, Self Love Chats! Our first chat is with the amazing Nanette (@heynoonoo on Instagram and Youtube) whose confidence, brightness, and definition of beauty inspire us. Check out this interview with Nanette on her self love practices and routines!
What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is multifaceted for me but really boils down to doing what makes you feel good, from what you put in your body to what you put on it. I think there is also beauty in the way you carry yourself and the love you show yourself and others. Beauty to me is also an evolution, what makes you feel beautiful at one moment may be different in another. I'm on a constant journey of finding what serves me and what lifts me up. There is no universal standard of beauty, every single person is beautiful. We are all beautiful for the things that unite us but especially for the things that make us different.
Nanette Nunu Interview
What is something physical or non-physical that you love most about yourself?
I love the attention I've given to self-love and self-care over the last few years! It hasn't always been a focus for me but in the last year especially I've given a lot of focus to slowing life down when it gets too hectic which I see as self care and focusing more on positive self talk which is part of what self love means to me.
How do you practice confidence and self love? Any specific tips you can share for those interested in cultivating their own daily self love practice?
Self-love is intertwined in self-care for me - so I do that during my nighttime skincare routine, instead of just washing my face and going to bed, I add a few steps and do a much longer routine than my AM routine, adding in masks and serums, sometimes a steam facial. I'll light incense and play chill alternative r&b music all just to wind my brain down so I can achieve some peace no matter how hectic my day has been. This helps me sleep better in my opinion which makes me wake up in a much better mood and ready to tackle the day! As far as confidence, this sounds bad probably but I fake it till I make it! If I'm feeling non-confident about something, I try to act like I am confident till the faking becomes real! I reflect on what about the situation is making me uncomfortable and work on it behind the scenes but try to portray confidence externally. Sometimes though, I'm just upfront with myself and others that certain things make me feel vulnerable and I am learning to be okay with that too!
What's your favorite way to use Copina Co?
I LOVE adding the Cacao Calm Beauty to my coffee in the morning! It adds such a wonderful flavor and blends right in! I used to have a smoothie bowl obsession and now I'm thinking of reviving it and using the Matcha Beauty one to create a beautiful green bowl!
Copina Co. Nanette Nunu Interview


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