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Emma Hyslop's Evening Routine with Copina Co.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi Copina Co. family! My name is Emma Hyslop and I am the new community manager here at Copina Co. I am super excited to be working with such an amazing community and team. You can find me @emmamariehyslop on Instagram where I share a little bit of everything from plant-based recipes, lifestyle, sustainability-ish, and just about a little bit of anything and everything in between. I started my blog as a creative outlet but also as a form of healing. From my early teens to early adulthood I struggled with an eating disorder, and discovering a community that had similar experiences as my own I believed helped me heal significantly. I have a deep passion for plant-based living, and I am super happy to be working with an amazing team that values the same things that I do. When I am not in the kitchen or working you can find me at a cycling class, walking my dogs, taking care of my horses, or reading. I recently started my own little athleisure vintage inspired clothing brand known as Movement the Brand and I can’t wait to see where that might take me! I am an extremely eclectic person and my interests are very broad.

Emma Hyslop Copina Co.

When do you start to unwind for the evening?

When I cook dinner which is usually around 8 PM I start to unwind for the evening, it is my way of quieting my mind from my crazy and hectic days! These days I tend to work 9 AM - 7 PM. I have about 3-4 jobs so life can get really hectic and sometimes stressful and that’s why I like to unwind with a creamy adult version of hot chocolate with our Cacao Calm Beauty. The Cacao Calm Beauty is formulated with ashwagandha which is a natural way to help reduce stress; an essential for me. I pretty much can’t go to bed without a little sweet treat.

Emma Hyslop Copina Co.

What are your top 3 skincare products you use at night?

I really love natural skincare and started to become more aware of what I put on my face a few years ago. I love Moon Juice’s milk jelly cleanser, Drunk Elephant lala retro, and Cocokind’s oil cleanser. Sometimes I do a bit more and I’ll do a mask; my favourite brand is Summer Fridays and I love these little eye masks by this new Canadian called Sistines (they’re so cute and really de-puff my eyes!)

How do you quiet your mind at night?

My mind is often running at a million miles a minute so quieting my mind can be quite challenging. However, I’ll usually turn on my favorite Netflix series at the time, or I love to unwind with a good read. My current favorite book is “The Three Agreements,” and if you haven’t read “Normal People” by Sally Rooney yet I highly recommend it! I believe in not sticking to too strict of an evening routine to keep the whole process as stress free as possible.

How do you use Copina Co’s Cacao Beauty Plant-Based Collagen Boost in your evening routine?

Before brushing my teeth, I’ll turn on the kettle and blend 1 cup of warm water with 2 tablespoons worth of Cacao Beauty, a splash of oat milk, and sometimes I like to add extra cacao if I really want a super rich chocolate beverage. The Cacao Beauty Blend helps me reduce my stress due to the addition of ashwagandha, paired with a good book makes the perfect duo. However, sometimes I am in the baking mood around 8 PM and sometimes I’ll make Copinaco chocolate sweet treats, I’ll add a tablespoon or two to brownies, chocolate muffins, etc. Copina Co’s blends are extremely versatile and easy to incorporate into my evening routine.

What are your top 3 sleep tips?

Take technology out of your bedroom around 9 PM, blue light is not good for our brains before trying to get a good night of rest. Read, I always recommend unwinding with a good book! I find that after a few pages I find myself dozing off and it puts me right to sleep. Magnesium, after my Cacao Beauty Blend tonic I will often make myself a nice glass of magnesium which helps me fall asleep.

Where can we find you?

On Instagram @emmamariehyslop, my blog, my podcast The Nakd Podcast, and you can find some of my work on the Copina Co page!


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