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Welcome to my new website: Copina Co!

Hi everyone! You might have noticed that the site has a new look and new name today! I’m excited to announce the launch of Copina Co, a wellness site dedicated to building a wellness community where everyone belongs! This is about wellness made friendly, not perfect.

This site is centered on the belief that the best advice comes from friends, not “experts” and that wellness should be about ease, fun, and embracing our imperfections.

The name “Copina” was inspired by the French word for friend, “Copine”. Join the Copina Collective and join a community of friends helping and supporting each other with stories about what works for them, not top-heavy statements about what you should or should not do to meet someone else’s definition of wellness. This site is about the best in food, beauty, culture, interviews, career advice, and everything else from women just like you!

My hope in creating Copina Co. is to create a space that acknowledges multiple definitions of health and sees wellness as an ongoing journey that we’re all taking together!

I first started my foray into the wellness space through my blog Carolyn’s Pantry and am excited to announce this site as an extension of what Carolyn’s Pantry was all about! You’ll still be able to find all of the delicious previous posts from Carolyn’s Pantry (don’t worry!) and will continue to see recipes and perspectives from me as well as the community of women driving wellness. What I’ve realized through my years of blogging about and growing in my health journey is that changes in life are better done with friends.

I’m excited for you all to learn from and connect with each other and can’t wait for the journey ahead! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive interviews, recommendations, culture pieces, and recipes along with the latest from the site.




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