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Single Serve Apple Crumble

Sometimes you just need a dessert for one and we are loving our new fall recipes. Making our single serve apple crumble is incredibly easy but also delicious as the season begins to change.

Between the sweetness of the baked apples with cinnamon and the crunchy oat topping, your mouth will begin watering once you open the oven. The Single Serve Apple Crumble is also a great dessert idea while entertaining friends who want their own mini dessert!

Single Serve Vegan Apple Crumble

One of the best smells of fall is when you are able to visit an apple orchard. The smell of the crushed apples in the cool weather is untouchable. Our apple crumble touches on that and is a great way to fully take advantage of apple-picking season!

Apples are incredibly nutritious. They are a great source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. Antioxidants and vitamin c are incredibly important for your health, but also are important parts of your natural collagen production.

Vanilla Beauty Plant-Based Collagen Support Creamer Drink Blend

In the crumble of our recipe we have great ingredients like oats, walnuts, and coconut oil. We also include our Vanilla Plant-Based Collagen Boost Creamer Blend. Our Vanilla Creamer Blend helps give our crumble a note of vanilla while also giving it a beauty boost. We normally use it as a creamer to add to our coffee and tea, but it can be incredibly useful in baked goods too!

Our blends help your body naturally produce more collagen and promote healthier hair, skin, and nails using the power of plant botanicals.* With ingredients like Amla Berry, Bamboo Leaf Extract, and Tremella Mushroom - your skin will thank you for making this apple crumble.

Single Serve Vegan Apple Crumble

You can find this recipe on our Tik Tok, Youtube, or Instagram if you want to see how we made our vegan single-serve apple crumble! If you'd like, you can also top it with some coconut whipped cream or vanilla vegan icing.

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