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How I Learned to Make an Awesome Iced Mint Matcha Latte

 bright green iced matcha latte

Coolest matcha latte on the planet? You’ll know so after trying it. Learn to make this super-refreshing, summer-friendly, and plant-based matcha latte in a few easy steps in this post.

If I’m being real with you, I did not used to make my matcha lattes correctly. I know, I know, there is so much information out there about how to make great matcha, but I decided to just wing it and it went wrong. I wasn’t using the right matcha, I was over-heating it. I was using way too much matcha in my lattes which made me pretty darn caffeinated and also made my morning routine costs go $$$. The result was that it took me learning how to make my matcha right to really get how amazing this tea is.

Here’s what I learned about matcha lattes:

  1. You need really high-quality matcha. Once you know what to look for in your matcha, you’ll be amazed at the differences in various brands out there. What you want to look for is Japanese matcha which is almost always ceremonial grade. You also want to be sure that you’re buying matcha with a vibrant green color, not a dull color. Some matchas are grown outside Japan and are non-ceremonial grade/ a bit cheaper. You want to use those for baking and mixing in smoothies and chia puddings, etc. I’ve tried many matcha brands, but the ones I love right now are Ippodo which has an insanely amazing quality, Encha Matcha which sources farm-direct and is organic, and Foods Co Organic Matcha which is also very high-quality.

  1. Be sure not to overheat your matcha. You don’t have to worry about this with an iced latte (lucky you!) but if you’re making a hot latte, be sure to use hot, but not boiling water so you don’t damage the matcha.

  1. Be sure to blend your matcha correctly. You can definitely use a matcha whisk if you’re feeling fancy. If so, add water to about a teaspoon of matcha and whisk in “M” shapes until combined. I’m often on the go and lack the time or patience for this, so something I love doing is combining the water, matcha, and other add-ins like mint together in my small Ninja blender aand blending for a about a minute to combine everything and get an awesome froth.

  1. You don’t need sweetener if you have the right type of plant-based milk. I’ve personally tried to move away from adding a ton of sweeteners in my matcha lattes and have found that they’re really not necessary. My favorite plant-based milks that are naturally sweet are Oatly oat milk and Califia Farms almond milk which is nice and thick.

Now onto the fun stuff: the recipe for this iced mint matcha latte! You can use either fresh mint leaf or organic peppermint extract for a super-refreshing finish to your latte that will leave you pumped up and excited for the day.


1 teaspoon ceremonial grade matcha

1 cup water

1 fresh mint leaf or 1 drop organic peppermint extract

2 large ice cubes

¼ cup oat or almond milk


In a small blender, blend the matcha, water, and mint or peppermint extract together for about a minute until combined.

Pour the almond or oat milk into a mason jar. Add the ice cubes, then pour your matcha blend to top.

Sip and enjoy!

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