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Matcha Chai Latte

Have you tried a Matcha Chai Latte yet? This drink combination truly changed our lives for the better. Who knew spicy-sweet chai would pair so perfectly with earthy green matcha? With a subtle warmth from chai spice, creaminess from oat milk, and a subtly-sweet grassy flavor from our Matcha Beauty Blend, there’s a lot to love about this latte!

Matcha Chai Latte

Chai tea is typically made by combining warming spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, star anise, and sometimes fennel, nutmeg, black pepper and coriander with black tea leaves. Each blend of chai may differ slightly in flavor due to the ratio of these ingredients- some may taste spicier while others are more mellow and sweet. Make sure to try a few to find one you like, or even try making your own!

Matcha Chai Latte

To make this a Matcha Chai Latte, we combine a scoop of our Matcha Beauty Plant-Based Collagen Boost Blend with a little warm water and froth to create a silk-smooth matcha mixture that is poured over the oat milk, ice, and chai concentrate. It’s important to add Matcha Beauty to warm water and stir or froth well to combine, as we don’t use any artificial binders or emulsifiers in our collagen-boost blends!

Our Matcha Beauty delivers a boost of skin-loving plant botanicals like tremella mushroom, hyaluronic acid, bamboo extract, and amla berry to boost your body’s natural collagen production. It helps to hydrate, strengthen, and nourish your hair, skin and nails, without the use of any animal products! Delicious and good for you? You bet!

Want to see this recipe in action? Check it out on our Tiktok!

Matcha Chai Latte

Matcha Chai Latte
Author: Copina Co.


  • ¼ cup chai concentrate
  • Ice
  • ½ cup oat milk
  • 1 tsp Copina Co. Matcha Plant-Based Collagen Boost
  • ¼ cup warm water


  1. Froth Copina Co. Matcha Plant-Based Collagen Boost with warm water
  2. Pour chai concentrate over ice in a glass
  3. Pour in oat milk
  4. Top with matcha mixture and enjoy!
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