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Self-Love Chat with @Iridessence

a chat on self-love with iridessence
It’s been over a month since we sat down and had a self-love chat and we’re so excited to jump right back into things with Iridessence. She inspires us from all different angles and we're certain she will inspire you too.

Irridessence is a model, self-portraitist, and burlesque performer based out of Chicago. Her work often features vintage, theatrical, and historical themes married to radical self-love in a world that desperately needs it. Her work is centered around vulnerability, self-expression, and being unapologetically herself. We’re inspired by Iridessence’s confidence, empathy, resilience, and joy.

We encourage you to see her work first hand over on her Instagram and to check out her vintage collection over at

What does self-love mean to you? How do you practice it?

“Self-love is the unapologetic appreciation of who I am, in body and mind. I practice it by dressing up in things that make me look good, eating things that make me feel good, and giving myself space to recharge from the demands of society.”

a chat on self-love with iridessence
Comment on this phrase: “our flaws make us beautiful"

“I don’t think we really have any physical flaws— unless it’s in a medical sense like something that resulted from an injury— but that’s up to each person to claim for oneself. There are perceived flaws, yes, but so much of the sentiment around being flawed is the result of the sadder side of human invention. I think a better phrase is "our individual experiences make us different."

What’s something that you think is beautiful about yourself?

“My enduring resilience in a world that feeds me the message that I don’t deserve to be here. It’s astounding.”

What does your self-care routine look like?

“It’s not really a routine or ritual I have that pertains to self-love other than I give my body what it needs because it needs to be cared for regardless of how I feel about it. I eat food I like, and I shower every day. These days I go outside for walks and sit and drink water in a nice glass because it’s enriching.”

a chat on self-love with iridessence
How do you practice confidence on a daily basis? Is it something you have to work on? Any tips you could share would be amazing!

“I’m sort of past the point of daily work. I still have my days like anyone, but I released the white patriarchal hold on my self-value years ago. I’m inherently valuable and so is anyone else. No one‘s ever going to make me feel not that way, especially to capitalize off of my pain. The more you look at it that way, the easier it is to let go, I find.”

Have you always been so confident? What advice would you give to someone looking to boost their self-love and confidence?

“Yes and no. I was born neutral, beaten down by societal ideas of worth, and then had to reclaim myself to become the person I am today. I would say to someone looking for guidance, to get over the idea that they need to be confident or comfortable. And to also get over the idea that they need to hate themselves or feel any kind of way. I say focus on existing, and focus on treating yourself to things you like, and make an earnest effort a little bit more each day to treat yourself to something you like but maybe are afraid to try. Actions will likely influence your feelings more than the other way around.”


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