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Self Love Chat with Cara Cifelli of @caraskitchen

Self Love Chat with Cara Cifelli

We're back with another chat for our Self-Love series, and we're excited to share with you our talk with Cara Cifelli of @caraskitchen! Cara is a Transformational Food Freedom and Body Image Coach who is incredibly passionate about helping her clients foster a compassionate and intuitive relationship with food. We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did and don't forget to check out Cara's website and Instagram.

What does self-love mean to you?

We often think that in order to love ourselves, we have to like everything about ourselves, or that we have to fix and change ourselves into something that is loveable before we can have self-love, which couldn't be further from the truth. Self-love is rooted in acceptance for who you are right now and always. Regardless of any changes you want to make or areas where you want to improve, it's a knowing that you are worthy of your own love regardless.

How did your journey to self-love begin and how has it changed in the last year?

It began when I decided I wanted to heal from my eating disorder about 10 years ago. I was at the lowest place in my life and the decision to commit to working towards recovery did not come because I hated myself, it came because I knew I was worthy of my own love. It was because I loved myself I said "enough is enough" with this eating disorder, "I am getting better." In the last year, it has changed with an even deeper level of acceptance and a stronger connection to my voice. It has also changed by letting go of even more "should's" that I've placed on myself over the years and living true to my inner-guidance system.
What is something physical or non-physical that you love most about yourself?

I love my tenacity, my belief in myself that as long as I keep showing up and putting in the effort I will accomplish whatever I want. I also love my ability to take in feedback and admit when I am wrong. This has humbled me and allowed to me grow in incredible ways that would not have been possible if I was attached to being right all the time.
How do you practice confidence and self-love? Are there any specific tips you can share for those interested in cultivating their own daily self-love practice?

Eating delicious, satisfying and nourishing food, honoring myself and my body in this way is so important, especially in a culture that is always telling women to eat less and take up less space. It's a radical practice of self-love to listen to my body and allow it to take up space. Meditation, journaling, and giving myself permission to want what I want to go after it is a huge self-love practice of mine.
I view confidence in two ways. First, I see it as an unconditional way of being that I always have the ability to choose. I can choose to be confident, even after a failure, by simply asking myself "how would I act if I was confident right now? How would I talk? What actions would a confident version of Cara take?" And then I just act and be that way. Second, confidence is something that comes from being able to contribute to others. The root word of confidence is confide, and you confide with another person. If someone is struggling with something and they confide in me and I am able to help them, then naturally I am going to feel more confident after that interaction. Confidence is something that is built in collaboration with and contribution to others. For example, my confidence in myself as a Food & Body Image Coach has grown as I've helped more people heal their relationship with food.

What's your favorite way to use Copina Co products?

I have been loving the Cacao flavor in my coffee! It adds the most delicious richness and chocolatey flavor, plus I know it is making my coffee a nutritious pleasure that I enjoy so much as part of my morning routine!


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