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Self-Love Chat with Arielle Estoria of @arielleestoria

Copina Co. Self-Love Chat
Our Self-Love Beauty series is a space to share the stories and acts of self-love of some pretty awesome women who inspire us. We hope they'll inspire you too and are excited to share with you our chat with Arielle.

Arielle Estoria is a Poet, Author, Speaker, Model, and the Host of @dwellandcreate, an open space for creatives to build community and freely create with likeminded individuals. Arielle leads a life of empowering storytelling and lives by her motto of "Words not for the ears but for the soul". She has shared her work and spoken word with companies like Google, lululemon, and TEDx. All of Arielle's work is about blooming awareness and reminding individuals of their value through words. Her work also includes leading writing, social media, and self-acceptance workshops in both student and professional spaces.

In 2014 and 2017 Arielle co-wrote and self-published two collections of poetry, Vagabonds and Zealots and Write Bloody Spill Pretty which can both be found on Amazon. In 2016, she also released her EP of poetry and music, titled Symphony of a Lioness which can be found on Apple Music, Itunes, and Spotify.

We encourage you to check out Arielle's work further through her Instagram and blog. Visit her events page on her website, to find out where you can catch a chat with Arielle next.

What does self-love mean to you? How do you practice it?
Self-love looks so different for the individual. For me, self-love has been so much about connecting mind, body, and soul and making sure the wellness is cohesive between all aspects and dynamics of what makes me human.
Dance workouts, going on walks, writing poetry, reading- all of these are aspects of practicing self-care for me!

Comment on this phrase: “our flaws make us beautiful”
I would say that it's our flaws that are the reason that we are beautiful. If not for our flaws, our quirks then I think we would be just like everyone else. But it's the flaws and the unique aspects of who we are that highlight our beauty.

What’s something that you think is beautiful about yourself?
My smile!!


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