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How Nut Butter, Smoothie Jars, and Yolk Drips are Making Healthy Food Sexy Again

Repeat after me: healthy food is the new food porn! This statement might have seemed impossible a few years ago, but it is (thankfully) very real today. Nut butter, smoothie and egg yolk drips seem to be everywhere on Instagram lately and are making something very interesting happen. They’re making healthy food sexy!

Skeptics might point to the nut butter to toast ratio going on in some creations and question the practicality of eating this way. Isn’t the whole point that is wonderfully impractical? The fact is, these creations are just plain fun. Something is finally making people excited about salad leaves, sourdough toast, smoothie jars, pasture-raised eggs and apple slices in a way that’s previously been reserved for bacon-wrapped everything and cheese with a side of pasta. What’s actually going to get more people excited about wellness is the drip, not the sad salad leaf.

2018 is about the assertion that in fact healthy food should make you drool all over your phone screen. Here are my 5 current favorite accounts that will make you excited about healthy food again:

Courtnie H. (@wellnesswithcourtnie)

Wellness with Courtnie Wellness with Courtnie

Courtnie is a wellness enthusiast and yoga instructor who has perhaps some of the most colorful creations and funniest Instagram stories that I have ever seen. She is all about living mindfully and keeping it real with wellness.

Ali Bonar (@avokween)

Ali is the kween behind #freethedrip, creator of granola butter, and founder of Kween & Co. Ali is all about creating food that helps you treat yourself like the kween you are.

Avokween Avokween

Alison Wu (@alison_wu)

Alison Wu Alison Wu

Alison, the founder of Wu Haus, is officially the smoothie goddess of Instagram. She not only shares unbelievably gorgeous recipes, but also tips and inspiration to help inspire people to take control of their health through daily practices that support overall well-being.

Rosie Tran (@kaleintheclouds)

Kale In The Clouds Kale In The Clouds

Rosie is a full-time flight attendant and content creator who jet sets all over the globe while showing off all her healthy eats and big smiles. She shows that you can find wellness anywhere, even at 30,000 feet.

Shuang Shuang (@shuangys_kitchensink)

Shuang Shuang Shuang Shuang

Shuang is a lover of real food, self-proclaimed pun enthusiast, and full-time management consultant who shares her daily creations through her entertaining posts and instagram stories. Shuang is all about having fun and trying something new each day.


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