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A Chat on Confidence and Beauty with @bodyposipower

a chat on self-love and building confidenceMeet Michelle Rogers, a 22-year-old Vancouver writer, activist, and Body Positive Advocate. Michelle is the creator behind the blog BodyPosiPower which she started as an outlet to share inspirational quotes with the hopes of changing the way she viewed social media.

Her confidence and vulnerability flourished into a 27k Instagram following where she hopes to inspire others and help them along their self-love journey.

Michelle’s work has been featured on Today, Yahoo, and in the FabUplus magazine. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to now share some of Michelle and her story here with all of you on Copina Co.

We encourage you to connect with Michelle over on her Instagram @bodyposipower as well as to check out her blog

Enjoy the interview!

What does self-love mean to you? How do you practice it?

“Self-love to me is learning to get comfortable with being with yourself, whether that’s in a crowd, or on your own. Self-love is accepting yourself as you are, without the care of others opinions getting in your way. One's self-love journey is not linear, and it is not always perfect. & that’s okay. Self-love is between you and yourself.”

Do you think confidence is something you can cultivate? If so, how?

“I think in order to do so one must try their best to surround themselves with positive people, places, and thoughts. It can be as simple as unfollowing someone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, changing the kind of material you read (I.e certain gossip-y magazines that further forge beauty ideals), or surrounding yourself with people who believe in you!”

Your work blew us away when we discovered your page. What do you hope to communicate to the world through your art?

“Thank you for saying that, it truly means the world to hear. I hope to communicate to the world that it’s okay to love yourself no matter what your current Jean size is. We are all human. We all deserve love & respect & to take up space.”

Tell us something that makes you feel happy, confident, and empowered.

“When others share their stories with me at events, through direct messages, comments, and emails. Nothing makes me feel happier than reading a comment that says “I decided to wear a crop top today because of you.” That is truly empowering and it makes me tear up just thinking about the fact that my words and stories of the low lows and the high highs can inspire someone to feel comfy in their own skin. It’s truly all I could ever ask for.”

What is something you love most about yourself?

“My resilience. I’ve experienced a lot during my 22 years on earth thus far, and there was a time I wasn't sure I could make it. My mind was consumed with horrible thoughts on myself and my body, and It kept me in a dark place for a long time. Luckily, I got the help I needed and recognized that I needed to talk a little kinder to myself, and be a lot more gentle. We all deserve to be here, and we never have to do this alone. My biggest advice to anyone who is reading this: don’t be afraid to ask for help. You Deserve To Be Here.”


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