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About Copina Co

Here’s the thing: we like who we are. We love our imperfections – in fact, we think they make us pretty cute.


So why does the beauty industry tell us that those imperfections have gotta go and that we need to change in order to be beautiful?


The truth is, we’re the most beautiful when we let our favorite parts about us shine. It’s when we focus more on highlighting our ass-sets (ahem!) than concealing our so-called “imperfections”. We’re at our sexiest not when we’re flaw-less, but when we’re confident, happy, and empowered in our own skin!

 About Copina Co.


Enough is enough! We need beauty products that help us highlight what we love most about ourselves and the products that treat us otherwise just aren’t cutting it.


That’s why I started Copina Co. a brand of ingredients-first edible beauty products that are dedicated to highlighting what you love most about yourself and boosting your inner beauty. The name “Copina Co.” comes from the French word “copine” which means “friend”. We’re about creating a friendly wellness community. We’re committed to bringing you the highest-quality products that are simple, effective, totally delicious, and made to fit all that life throws your way!