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Passionfruit Sea Moss Refresher (8 Stick Pack Carton)

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Meet our Sea Moss Refreshers! They’re a tasty & convenient way to enjoy Organic Irish Sea Moss on-the-go. Our refreshers allow you to enjoy a delicious fruity drink that is packed with sea moss... without the sea moss taste. This tropical passionfruit flavor tastes like a dream and is made with nature's best ingredients like Organic Irish sea moss, coconut water, pink himalayan salt, and beet juice for color. This carton contains 8 stick packs, all of which can be sold invidiually

Limited-Time Offers, End in:
Passionfruit Sea Moss Refresher (8 Stick Pack Carton)

  • Enjoy the benefits of Organic Irish sea moss in your life, now with a delicious taste. Copina Co's sea moss refreshers make it easy and delicious to enjoy sea moss on the go. No more fishy taste or slimy texture. Experience the difference with Copina Co.'s refreshingly tasty sea moss beverages. These delicious drinks are made with Organic Irish Sea Moss and premium ingredients like coconut water and pink himalayan salt to nourish you during any time of your day.
  • Suggested Use: Mix the contents of 1 stick pack into 8oz of cool water. Stir and enjoy. It's also great mixed into your favorite smoothie.

    200mg IRISH SEA MOSS








    copina co.

    dose per serving


    Leading gummy

    25 mg per gummy


    leading tincture



    leading liposomal


    The most delicious way to enjoy Irish Sea Moss

    tastes fruity, not like sea moss

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    The Most Delicious Way to Enjoy Irish Sea Moss

    Love the benefits of sea moss gel but hate its slimy texture, fishy taste, and short shelf life? That’s where our sea moss refreshers come in. They’re delicious, fruity drinks made for on-the-go that just so happen to have 200mg of Organic Irish Sea Moss per serving along with premium ingredients like coconut water and pink himalayan salt. Best part? You taste the fruity flavor, but not the sea moss.

    200mg Organic Irish Sea Moss

    Tastes Fruity, Not Like Sea Moss

    No Slimy Texture

    Perfect for On-The-Go

    No Refrigeration Required

    Learn More About Sea Moss

    Dive into the world of Sea Moss with Copina Co., where health meets irresistible flavor. Our Sea Moss drinks, crafted from the finest Organic Irish Sea Moss, offer a delightful alternative to the common, less palatable sea moss gels.
    Packed with essential minerals and bursting with flavor, our Sea Moss drinks are a game-changer in the wellness industry. Enjoy the health benefits of sea moss in a form that's not just beneficial but deliciously satisfying.
    We proudly present our Sea Moss drink blends - a unique concoction that delights your taste buds while offering the nutritional benefits of sea moss. Our drinks, available in enticing flavors like Citrus Blossom and Passionfruit, are a testament to our commitment to both health and taste.
    Our Sea Moss Refreshers redefine health drinks. With each sip, enjoy the fruity flavors infused with the goodness of sea moss, without the off-putting taste of traditional sea moss gel. It's wellness that you'll actually look forward to!
    Our Sea Moss drinks are designed for every palate, making it easy and enjoyable to incorporate into your daily routine. Whether you're seeking weight loss or general wellness, our drinks offer a tasty solution.
    Find our unique Sea Moss drinks online on our website and on Amazon and at select retailers listed on our store locator. Enjoy the convenience of adding this tasty superfood to your diet, wherever you are.
    At Copina Co., we combine the best of nature with great taste. Our Sea Moss drinks are not only sourced from the highest quality organic Irish Sea Moss but are also formulated for a delightful taste experience.

    FAQ Section

    Our Sea Moss Drinks are a blend of health and flavor, unlike traditional sea moss gels. Made from the finest Organic Irish Sea Moss, our drinks offer a tasty and refreshing experience, ensuring you enjoy wellness in every sip.
    Our Sea Moss Drinks come in delicious flavors like Citrus Blossom and Passionfruit. These flavors not only make the drinks enjoyable but also ensure that you're getting a tasty and nutritious alternative to regular health drinks.
    Absolutely! Our Sea Moss Drinks are designed for every palate and can easily fit into any daily routine, whether for weight loss or general wellness.
    You can find our Sea Moss Drinks online and at select retailers, including Whole Foods. This makes it convenient for you to add this tasty superfood to your diet.
    Yes, our Sea Moss Drinks are sourced from the highest quality organic Irish Sea Moss, ensuring both superior taste and nutritional benefits.
    Our Sea Moss Drinks offer a refreshing and delicious alternative, free from the off-putting taste common in traditional sea moss gels, making them a superior choice for health-conscious individuals.
    Sea Moss Drinks provide essential minerals and are bursting with flavor, offering a unique combination of health benefits and enjoyable taste.

    Got questions about our Sea Moss drinks? Learn how they differ in taste and benefits from regular sea moss products and how you can easily incorporate them into your lifestyle.

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